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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2006|08:47 pm]
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Saying some things whitey isnt ready to hear. [Feb. 25th, 2006|01:22 am]
[Current Music |lLess than Jake - 911 to Anyone]

Nothing to moan about yet in 2006. Lifes mostly awesome right now.

Take care of yourselves for fuck sake
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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2006|12:52 am]
Alright Andy, this is just a reminder since you always moan at the end of the year. This year has been great so far. So dont moan in 10 months that the whole year sucked you absolute bender.

Take care bruv
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HOLY SHIT, god bless you urban dictionary. [Jan. 26th, 2006|04:03 pm]
The Typical Scene Boy:

Hi my name is Stupid Fucking Poser. I'm really insecure so I'm gonna dye my hair black and grow it long so it covers my face because I'm so fucking ugly that no one would like me if it wasn't hidden. And I love following the crowd so I buy girl jeans that don't fit my disgusting body and my small dick is pressed tight against the zipper for all the 14 year old girls to see. God I’m SO SPECIAL AND UNIQUE.

My best friend is my flat iron and pomade.
I don’t eat carbs but I like The Faint and underage drinking.
My favorite activity is shopping for Converse and trying not to let my pretend girlfriend know that I’m a fucking faggot.

And every time I go to clubs I have to be REALLY wasted and completely drunk because I secretly have NO personality and all my friends really HATE ME because all I ever do it make out with random ugly kids who are really 15 but somehow got into the club.. and of course I make out with boys that look EXACTLY like me because its cool to pretend I’m something I’m not. When I go to Club 82, I pay $8 to sit outside of a patio and smoke other people’s cigarettes and talk shit about everyone that has their back turned to me.

When I finally decide to dance to all those lame 80’s songs, I try to dance but really I'm just having a fucking seizure to look cool, even though it never works. I swing my arms in the air and shuffle my feet like I have fucking Parkinson’s.. and I always pick the dumbest sluttiest girl to grind my crotch against. HEHE.

Sound familiar?

Yeah kill yourself before someone else does.

The Typical Scene Girl:

Hey everyone, is my hair dyed 5 different colors and cut at different angles? Are you sure my neon plastic earrings match my high heels and bra straps because I would CRY if I didn’t fit in with every other whore I know. Should we only talk about boys and clothes and stuff? LIKE OMG ok.

I like vertical stripes and pony tails. I love leg warmers and anything asymmetrical. I wear shirts with only one sleeve and poke-dot mini skirts so you can see my vagina when I try and dance to the Cure.

Sometimes I’ll dye my hair one bright color in front or in the back so you notice me more but really I’m just trying to look cool so everyone stares and points. Oh wait it doesn't work because I’m just a stupid cunt with no style. *twirls hair*

And when I date guys or make out with them: they HAVE to wear eyeliner and tight t-shirts. They HAVE to have more then 1000 friends on My Space and drive a car past the year 2000 because that’s all that matters. No one cares about feelings, just fuck me in my plastic asshole and tell me how cute I am when my lipstick rubs off on your penis. *pops gum*

I live in Orange County and I’m still in high school but somehow I got a fake ID so I’m SO awesome!! My favorite hang out is Club Bang where I can dance in front of all my internet friends and show how dumb I am. I’m better then everyone else because I know the lyrics to EVERY retarded song played and I can even shake it like one of those trolls in a Lil’ Jon music video.

But whatever, I’ll just show my tits and everyone will be ok.

Sound familiar?

Yeah I should piss on your face next time any of you get near me.
Look around..Thy're fucking EVERYWHERE.
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Things that piss me off like a motherfucker. [Jan. 25th, 2006|10:46 pm]
[Current Music |Detroit Cobras : The Slum]

Heres a list I've been compiling in my head over the past 19 years of things that piss me right off :

Condescending assholes. Especially ones that are actually insane idiots.
Football Fans
Desperate Housewives
People who think flavoured milk drinks are for kids. What the fuck is that all about ?
Really camp people
People that claim Seinfeld is overrated
People that make fun of jews just because of South Park. Jews are amazing people.
Indie Scenesters (possibly the most important one on this list)
Most emo/hardcore/"screamo :(" scenesters
Elitist metal fans
"retro" people
People who think its hilarious to wear loud shirts (dont even bother bringing up my 2001/2 ska phase)
Almost all Big Brother contestents apart from Jason (he makes me so proud to be scottish, almost nothing else does), the Slick Man and RODMAN~!
People who lie for no reason. If you are going to lie lie to make someone look bad, make you look good or get out of something theres literally no point of a pointless lie.
Girls that cry over nothing
Peter Kay and anyone who likes him
People that dont like me. I dont know what they are playing at.
Dudes who talk about pulling women all the time
Women who call such men shallow but then sit on their cocks anyway
The OC. What the fuck is the OC ?
Heat Magazine and any similar publication
people who put things like this on myspace : "I like looking at the stars, boys who kiss each other, Fall out Boy and skittles...VOTE FOR PEDRO" more like vote for PAEDO you absolute idiot bitch.

Thats all for now.
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(no subject) [Dec. 20th, 2005|02:27 am]
Thats your home address
you live...
When your lifes a mess
When Depression's jus' status quo
Down on Skid Row

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Spending like a mu'fucka [Dec. 8th, 2005|01:03 am]
[Current Music |Dimmu Borgir : Hybrid Stigmata]

I've been spending like a wildman lately. Throwing money around like it means nothing. I've not quite been sparking up cigars with 100 dollar bills. (or the UK equivalent : a fifty pound note, a fiver, 2 pound coins, a 50p, a 2p and a 1p) Anyway enough of the awful currnecy conversion gags :(

Heres some thoughts on what I bought. Recognise.

2 Weeks ago I decided to treat myself to a Nintendo DS and Mario Kart. It's almost certainly one of the most fun games of all time. I've probably played it for at least an hour every day since I bought it. I think the only people who would not enjoy the game are the cocks that play things like Gran Turismo and awful PS2 games involving black ghettos and ludicrous gangster shenanigans.

I've bought some new trousers etc as well but the best thing ever is I got a plain black jacket transformed into an amazing Bouncing Souls jacket. I hope they tour sometime soon and they see my jacket and we become best friends then I can join the band and be their equivalent of Bez.

I'm finally going to get an MP3 player tomorrow. I chose a pretty nice 6gb one. Its pretty small and thin and 6GB is plenty for me. I checked earlier and all my favourite albums are a total of 6.2GB. Now I have to choose what awful quality bootlegs to not include on it :(

Thats not really as extreme as originally thought. Maybe its because I am a notorious skinflint it seems like millions of pounds.

I've felt awful every day this week. My throat hurts so much, I've got dull pains all over my body and I think I may have dislocated my brain becuase every time I move my head it hurts. I'm probably coming down with the flu or something which would be terrible.

College is still ok but I absolutely cannot be doing with the 8:05 train. The early rise is bad enough without being surrounded by 80% bell-ends on the train. It makes me want to write a scathing sitcom.

I came on to update for a reason but I cant remember what now so I'll stop rambling on now and probably delete this for no reason within a day.
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2005|06:38 pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"Is that....normal pooing you're doing ?"

Happy motherfucking Birthday to me.
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Another Establishment Boycotted [Sep. 26th, 2005|10:47 pm]
[Current Music |Lamb of God : Blood of the Scribe]

This holiday weekend really did go by fast, especially since I also took Wednesday and Thursday off. I hate it when this happens, this Monday is far too Sunday for its own good. Maybe It went by quickly becuase I did stuff for a change.

On Thursday me and Andy had a business meeting, it didnt go well. Without going into any detail at all, we got to the building and it was boarded up. To cheer ourselves up, we went to Woolies for a pint of sweets. We took the complete and utter piss out of their pic and mix system.

Friday I went to Andys for a bass lesson and then we all met up at Flymos house becuase his parents were away. We just watched DVD's and stuff and then got a chinese ordered in. Unfortunately the once mighty lomond house has now been boycotted, becuase not long after we ate we all got tremendously sick. I blame that fat mess that works there. I am almost certain Flymos is haunted, becuase his parents ancient and also unplugged stereo started playing classical music at around midnight.

Saturday we all went hillwalking. Well I say walking, most of the time was spent shooting cans and stuff with guns. In seriousness we did do a substantial ammount of walking. We were out from lunch time until 6-ish. I cant even believe how tired I was later that night.

Sunday I went up Glasgow and got a Fear Factory ticket. Motherfuckin yeah bitch. I also got A Chimaira Dehumanizing Process shirt and a Fear Factory shirt. £6 each. Considering getting an ipod nano too, but I might change my mind and get a sony mp3 player with a 40 gig hard drive.

Today we just went to ASDA, got loads of stuff then played Halo 2 all day at my house. Obviously I remain undefeated. Speaking of ASDA, I cant believe how often we have hung out there this year. Its a pretty odd place to spend time.

Getting a bit better on bass now, Andy's been writing some really sweet riffs and teaching me the bass to go along with them. We are getting a guy I know called Rob from Anniesland called Rob to do vocals for us. Now all we need is a drummer. We are aiming to sound like the new-er Chimaira stuff. Just to be even more like awesome, awesome Chimaira we want a greek mythology based name. I think Cerberus and Centaur are pretty sweet sounding names.

back to college tomorrow :(

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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2005|03:12 pm]

"Cum it up your ass"
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